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Navigating Our Network: Since 2019, Balcomuz's Family of Companies Offers a Range of Innovative Ventures and Services

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Nestled in the heart of Namangan, Uzbekistan, Flamingo offers a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors in a vibrant dining atmosphere.

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Balcomsoft IT Team specializes in cutting-edge software development and provides comprehensive IT support solutions tailored for businesses worldwide.

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Tashkent's premier family destination, Central Park Amusement Park features an array of exhilarating rides, MyMore, The Bani, and entertainment for all ages.

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A comprehensive real estate agency specializing in the buying, selling, and leasing of commercial and residential properties across Uzbekistan.

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A trusted advisory firm with a proven track record in facilitating successful business integration between Japanese enterprises and the Uzbek market, offering tailored strategies and expert insights.

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Pioneers in the construction industry, Oxygen House Namangan Construction excels in building high-quality homes, offices, and infrastructure projects, shaping the urban landscape of Uzbekistan with craftsmanship and innovation.


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The first time COE Yamasaka Tetsuro visited Uzbekistan on
September 2019. 

He impressed by people whom he met in Uzbekistan, that they were “kind”,”compassioned” “family-minded”. As soon as he returned to Japan, he hided Akramov Bobur who is  originally form Uzbekistan.He planned to expand his businesses in human resources and investment in Uzbekistan. 

Balcom Company is workin to be birdge between Japan and Uzbekistan as much as possible. 

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Building businesses in Uzbekistan

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Business Goal

To maximize customer satisfaction, Balcomuz is expanding its business domain to become a total life service company.

Best Business Consulting

Best Business Consulting offers unparalleled expertise, with coaching from Japanese experts. Elevate your strategy with our proven insights.

Building a Business

From huge years of experience we know how to build businesses and localize to other countries.

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Avazbek Nuriddinov


I have met President of Balcom Company Mr Yamasaka Tetsuro in 2019 for the first time. I have heard about the establishment of daughter company Balcom Uz in Uzbekistan. At that time, I have talked about succeeding of Balcom Uz together and I desire to join to Japanese Company in order to succeed. I would like to make Balcom Uz one of the key Companies between Uzbekistan and Japan.

Yamasaka Tetsuro


I have visited many countries around the world for work, but there is no country which reminds me old Japan as Uzbekistan. I loved Uzbekistan in one visit. For the development of Uzbekistan and the happiness of Uzbekistan people, we hope to make use of the experience we have gained in our company. “The strong feelings and altruistic spirit that do not give up! The philosophy learned from zero” The Balcom Group With the company philosophy of Better as close to the best as possible, I always keep trying. The management philosophy is “4 satisfactions” “Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, company satisfaction, and social satisfaction.” Unless employees are satisfied, there is no customer satisfaction. I don’t think there is any more satisfied with the company. Employee satisfaction is a rewarding job, ample income, ample time, and a rich mind through social contribution activities. We believe that by nurturing the spirit of volunteers, we can treat our customers with a rich heart. What is the future diagram to draw? “We aim to grow from a car dealer car business to a comprehensive service business.” Chairman Yamasaka Tetsuro

Bobur Akramov

Business Manager

Meeting with President Mr Yamasaka Tetsuro for the first time was the turning point in my life. Since I join Balcom in October 2019, I have been learning a variety of Business skills. I will do my best to share things which I learnt such as ‘Omotenashi’, ‘Technology and skills’ ‘Punctuality and keeping the promise’. I would like to share to Balcom Uz everything which I am learning inside Balcom.

Bekzod Mamadaliev

Top Manager

Bekzod Mamadaliev, with 4 years of IT experience, efficiently manages projects, ensuring timely, budget-friendly delivery. His technical expertise and collaborative leadership inspire teams to exceed client expectations, making him an invaluable asset to our company.


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