Centralpark Amusement Place

The most popular spot for photoshoots here is the fountain, designed in the form of a waterfall. Sometimes, residents of Tashkent come to the park solely for a few successful shots against its backdrop.

Attractions from European manufacturers
Children's playground 3000 sq m
We work without day off: from 10:00 to 23:00
The most enjoyable festivities

Central Park, spanning 13,000 hectares, is divided into two zones: active and tranquil areas. The active zone features 26 attractions and a children’s playground covering 3,500 square meters. It hosts 3 classic American roller coasters, the Drop’N Tower attraction, the Galleon ship, and a French carousel. On the left side of the entrance lies the tranquil area with benches and wide pathways, while on the right side is a children’s maze made of living hedges.


You won’t have to fly far, as the Sea is already in the heart of the sunny capital! Embark on a little vacation to Central Park and treat yourself to a full-fledged relaxation.

As part of the development of Central Park, an ambitious project was decided upon: to create a water complex on the territory bordering the old Tashkent Medical Institute, a kind of oasis in the city center. This is something unprecedented in Tashkent: almost all water parks and aquatic complexes are located on the outskirts of the capital, requiring many residents to travel quite a distance to reach them. Now, enduring the summer heat can be done close to home – at the “More” water complex.

Our new water park is a whole aquatic world! Whatever type of relaxation you prefer, whether it’s relaxing or extreme, you’ll definitely find entertainment to suit your taste:

Children's Pool with Attractions

Even the youngest visitors of the water park can expect unforgettable experiences.

Relaxation Zone

The hotel's water area features sunbathing and relaxation areas, various pools with seawater, and spa complexes.

Cafes and Aquabars

In the cafe and aqua bar area, you can catch your breath and recharge before conquering new aquatic heights.


The Telman Baths – a 5200 square meter bath space, where attention has been given to every detail from the ergonomics of the space and design to the unique stoves that have no analogs in our country.

The Baths complex is a bath amusement park where you will find everything your soul desires: grand public saunas with separate sections for men and women, a restaurant with gastronomic delights, private saunas, spa procedures, snow rooms, baths of various temperatures, a swimming pool, private baths, and much more. And most importantly, at every stage of your relaxation, you will be accompanied by specially trained specialists.