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Founded by Balcom in the heart of Uzbekistan in 2019, Balcomuz Company stands as a pioneering force in the integration of Japanese traditions and business logic within the dynamic landscape of Uzbekistan's economy. Our mission is simple yet profound: to foster cross-cultural business opportunities that pave the way for innovative and sustainable growth.

At Balcomuz Company, we believe in the power of cultural exchange to inspire and drive business innovation. With a foundation deeply rooted in the rich heritage of Japanese business practices known for their discipline, efficiency, and strategic thinking, we have successfully launched over 7 diverse projects across Uzbekistan. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating businesses that are not just profitable but also culturally enriching and socially responsible.


Our Mission

About Us

The first time COE Yamasaka Tetsuro visited Uzbekistan on
September 2019. 

He impressed by people whom he met in Uzbekistan, that they were “kind”,”compassioned” “family-minded”. As soon as he returned to Japan, he hided Akramov Bobur who is  originally form Uzbekistan.He planned to expand his businesses in human resources and investment in Uzbekistan. 

Balcom Company is workin to be birdge between Japan and Uzbekistan as much as possible. 

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Building businesses in Uzbekistan

Balcom Group

SINCE 1967

The Balcom Group is expanding its field into the total life service industry based on its dealer business . Balcom is a company that continues to take on challenges without being bound by fixed ideas, not only expanding the sales area of ​​the automobile business, but also developing various businesses .


Car sales: Balcom Motors

We operate authorized dealers for BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson, Indian, and PIAGGIO.
Japan's oldest well-established dealership has been ranked No. 1 in BMW customer satisfaction nationwide for five years in a row.


Motorcycle sales: Balcom motorcycles

Harley-Davidson, BMW Motorrad and Indian dealers sell new cars


Used car business

We have a large selection of trade-in vehicles available at each store and sell high-quality used cars directly.
We have a large number of mechanics who are well-versed in the maintenance of imported cars, which can be complex, and after-sales maintenance is carried out by our experienced staff.


Food and Beverage Business

We have 18 stores across 8 brands in Hiroshima, Okayama, Tokyo, Singapore, and Uzbekistan.

The brands we operate range from Benbei, ALVORADA, Sushi WASABI, Niku no Yamakin, Kiton, AnimA, ABURIYA, and Flamingo to Teppanyaki specialty restaurants, Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, and more.


Real estate: Balcom

We own and operate many commercial buildings, coin parking lots, and apartments in Hiroshima City.


Accommodation business

We operate Nagasasa Rakuzan, a hidden inn nestled quietly in a woodland surrounded by nature that changes with the seasons.
There is also a motorcycle shrine (Rakusan Shrine) within the facility to pray for safe driving.


Travel business

We plan and provide overseas and domestic motorcycle touring.
We also offer private Hiroshima tours aboard yachts, cruisers, and Rolls Royces.


Overseas business

We have subsidiaries in China, Singapore, and Uzbekistan, and are expanding our business in each country.
We operate an automobile business in China, a food and beverage business in Singapore, and a food and beverage business and a temporary staffing business in Uzbekistan.


IT business

We provide IT services and system development.
Focusing on the development and operation of Subhika, one of the largest subscription comparison sites in Japan, we also provide consulting services for planning and designing subscription services.

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